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Smartphone and tablets capture 8% of US gaming market, analyst firm claims

A report by research firm Flurry has claimed that revenue from iOS and Android games "spiked significantly" from 2009 to 2010, contributing to a rise of 3 percent in overall US market share. It has graphs, and everything.

The report, which warns is based only on publicly available data and the research firm's estimates, seems to show that a significant gain was made by the smart-devices in the 'portable game revenue' area, up from 19 percent of total revenue in 2009 (iOS only) to 34 percent in 2010 (iOS and Android combined).

This gain appears to have been made predominantly at the expense of Nintendo's DS family, itself down from 70 percent of the portable market to 57 percent in the same period, as well as a slight dip by PSP from 11 percent to just 9 percent.

The home console market looks to have risen from 71 percent of the total US games revenue to 76 percent, though it's worth noting again that the report being based on only on publicly available data, which means no digital sales for consoles will have been taken into account.

The full report, with additional stats, graphs and inferences to boot, can be found on Flurry's website

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