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Sleeping Dogs ships 1.5 million copies, Dragon Quest X ships 700,000

Sleeping Dogs has shipped 1.5 million copies, while Dragon Quest X has shipped 700,000, Square Enix has announced.

Sleeping Dogs, which was released in August shipped its 1.5 million copies through the end of September, making it the firm's highest grossing title for the quarter.

Dragon Quest Monsters for 3DS was the second highest grossing title for the quarter with 900,000 copies shipped. Kingdom Hearts 3D moved 650,000 copies in Europe and North America, while Theatrythm Final Fantasy shipped 150,000 shipped in Europe and North America.

Dragon Quest X shipped 700,000 units on Wii, with 400,000 registered users paying for the game.

Square Enix also announced Final Fantasy XI now has 500,000 users cine it launched two years ago.

Thanks, GI International.

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