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Fans have found a secret message within the Silent Hill Townfall teaser trailer

No idea what it means, though.

It turns out there was a bit more to the Silent Hill Townfall teaser trailer than first thought, as fans have uncovered a sneaky secret.

After years of leaving fans hanging out to try when it comes to anything Silent Hill, Konami finally had something new to show, in fact it had more than one project to reveal. One of those was the incredibly mysterious Silent Hill Townfall, a title being developed by indie studio No Code. As reported by IGN, however, not everything that's in the trailer is something you can see.

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To briefly recap the trailer, it shows an old portable TV showing a mixture of scary looking locales, with a man seemingly talking to someone in an ominous tone. Of course, it being a Silent Hill game, fans instantly wondered if there was more to this brief teaser that didn't tell us all too much. And there is: a secret message.

Reddit user MilkManEx ripped the audio from the trailer, converted it into an MP3, and then found a suitably confusing phrase in the MP3's spectrogram, sharing it on the series' subreddit. "Whatever heart this town had has now stopped," is the full message, which only makes me feel just a little bit uncomfortable.

Another fan on the same thread noticed that a voice line 33 seconds into the trailer kind of sounds like a woman saying, "Wow, is that really Alessa?" This name won't mean much to the masses, but will be quite significant to long time fans of the series.

We'll have to wait for more from No Code to see if some kind of ARG is in the works, but the studio has promised it'll be doing something a bit different with the series, so who knows what's on the way.

Konami obviously had more to show than just Townfall this week, as it also revealed another new game, Silent Hill f, and the biggest (and least surprising) announced that Layers of Fear developer Bloober Team is remaking Silent Hill 2.

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