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Silent Hill: Book of Memories gets first DLC

As you may have noticed in this week's PlayStation Store update, Vita-exclusive Silent Hill: Book of Memories has spawned its first DLC offering. The $5 pack includes quite a few goodies, which Konami has kindly detailed.

The DLC apparently does some fiddling with the game's balance, but the meat of it is all this stuff:

  • Ten new playable characters
  • 50 new outfits
  • 15 new accessories
  • 15 new artifacts
  • Ten new weapons
  • 15 new story notes
  • two new enemies
  • four new trophies

You can see some of these delights in the screens below. Book of Memories released for Vita in November, and was developed by Warforward Technologies. It has co-op play and RPG features, and as such has been damned by franchise purists. It's quite fun, though.

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