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Silent Hill: Book of Memories release date confirmed

Silent Hill: Book of Memories is heading to PS Vita across Europe in November, Konami has revealed.

The game will launch on Sony's handheld November 2nd to be precise. We've also got screens from gamescom if you want to see the game for yourself.

Here's an official Konami statement:

Developed by WayForward, the new game marks the first appearance of the acclaimed horror series on PlayStation Vita. The game also introduces multiplayer elements to the series for the first time, as players work together within the mist-shrouded areas of the titular town.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories begins with the player selecting a customisable character. The player then receives a book which, it transpires, has the power to change the past. The action takes the form of a skewed top-down adventure with the emphasis on action and exploration.

Players are thus challenged to solve a series of tests and puzzles which rewards them with puzzle pieces that are needed to access the next area.

A wide range of Silent Hill elements and adversaries make a welcome return as the player finds out more about the book, and in multiplayer mode players work together in a quest to gather the puzzle pieces and conquer the huge boss creatures which punctuate the gameplay.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories also allows users to share Items between characters, including items to restore lost health and to boost endurance.

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