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Silent Hill: Book of Memories PS Vita demo now live

Silent Hill: Book of Memories has received a PS Vita demo from Konami and developer WayForward Technologies. We've got the demo contents below.

Konami's official statement outlines what you can expect, "The free demo showcases the first two zones of the game, giving players access to some of the arsenal of weapons, power-ups and storylines throughout the game. In addition, players will also see some of the iconic enemies of Silent Hill past, including the nurses."

The game has a weird premise - just right for Silent Hill - in which your character discovers a book with their memories up until present day within its pages. You can alter that past by re-arranging the book. How Silent Hill factors in is anyone's guess.

We've got a trailer here, it features Pyramid head, combat, grim locations and more.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories will launch across Europe on October 16th.

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