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Silent Hill: Book of Memories producer explains shift to action format

Silent Hill: Book of Memories is heading to PS Vita on November 2nd and the game's producer Tomm Hewlett has explained why WayForward Technologies opted for an action multiplayer slant on the series.

Speaking on PS Blog US, Hewlett said, "We heard about PS Vita, and we really wanted to make a Silent Hill that was specially suited for that. We really wanted to experiment with multiplayer. Survival horror is a very particular genre, but with PS Vita’s online capabilities, it just made sense to do multiplayer here."

"So we started to experiment with different gameplay styles, what was kind of compelling, and through a long random assortment of events and demos, we came across a dungeon crawler, action/RPG thing which is really compelling with multiple players."

"Phantasy Star Online does it, and Diablo of course. So then we can kind of mess with it; if I’m with my friends and we get separated, that’s a classic horror trope right there. It’s not a totally different genre that doesn’t make any sense, it’s just sort of a new angle on Silent Hill."

So it's Silent Hill meets Diablo then. Does this sound like a good mix? Let us know below.

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