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Shower scene in The 3rd Birthday viewed over 80,000 times in Japan


To prove just how many perverts there are in gaming, Square Enix has been keeping track of how many times Aya Brea's unlockable shower scene has been viewed in The 3rd Birthday.

Square is using the game's data logs along with Square Enix Members connectivity to track how many views the scene has gotten, and apparently it's a lot. Over 80,000 times, actually.

In Japan, Square Enix Members can upload save files to a Members page which allows players to unlock new items and in the process, it allows Square to gather gamer data. If you add in the amount of people who have viewed it and not uploaded the information online, the number is probably even higher.


The 3rd Birthday releases outside of Japan in the spring.

Via Game Watch Impress, Kotaku.

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