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Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami still wants to direct at least one more game

Though he isn't directing Tokyo: Ghostwire, veteran developer Shinji Mikami would very much like to helm another game in the future.

Shinji Mikami – who you may well know as the veteran game developer behind such classics as Resident Evil, God Hand, Vanquish, Dino Crisis and more besides – still wants to make 'one more game'. Just don't expect it to come any time soon.

In an interview with VG247, Mikami noted that even though he's handed off recent directorial duties to other staff at his studio, Tango Gameworks, he would still like to get back in the director's chair for one more title. Eventually.

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At 56 years old, Mikami has been developing video games for over three decades, and explained that he intentionally started Tango Gameworks "with the vision of creating a studio that gives young and talented creators a chance."

But that's not to say that he isn't keen to take the reins again himself at some point – in our interview he explained it’s his plan to direct 'one final game' before he eventually retires. “We don’t want him to say it’s his final game,” added Zenimax producer Masato Kimura during the interview, before clarifying that whatever Tango does next, it won't have Mikami at the helm. The veteran's plans are a bit further out than that.

Let's hope that the launch of Tokyo: Ghostwire for PS5 on March 25 is succesful enough to spur him into action sooner rather than later. It's worth noting that Tango Gameworks is part of Bethesda, which was purchased by Microsoft for $7.5 billion back in 2020. As such, it's highly likely that any new game Mikami would direct would be an Xbox platform exclusive. Dino Crisis spiritual successor, anyone?

If you want to read more about Mikami and his current projects, you can check out our massive interview with Tango Gameworks, Mikami and his production staff as we delve deep into his latest game, Ghostwire: Tokyo. You can also read about his hopes that any potential Resident Evil 4 Remake improves on the original story that he himself wrote.

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