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Shadow Warrior 3 will be a PlayStation Now title at launch - check out the latest trailer

The new trailer shares an extended look at a new mission called the Dragon’s Nest.

Flying Wild Hog has announced that Shadow Warrior 3 will be a PlayStation Now title at launch, which is good news for those who subscribe through the service.

Today, the developers also released a new trailer showing an extended look at the Dragon’s Nest mission, which finds Lo Wang and his companion on the hunt for the dragon that was accidentally let into our dimension at the end of the last game.

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The Dragon’s Nest features a bright landscape that has seen better days since the dragon made its home there. When fighting this dragon, you can use the game's Gore weapon, or just use one of its eggs against it.

With this entry in the series, it expands on the melee mechanic by allowing you to level up your katana to perform new attacks. Taking down a demon with your katana will also provide ammo for your ranged weapons. And, when you blast your enemies to oblivion, health will drop allowing you to patch yourself up and then go in for some close combat.

Speaking of weapons, Gore Weapons will allow you to separate enemies and turn them against the horde for a limited time. Nearly every enemy in the game can also be taken down with a finisher.

The game also features a grappling hook which adds a bit of freedom to combat and movement by allowing you to dart and swing around arenas, close the gap between yourself and an enemy, and even place exploding barrels. It also allows you to pull off a bit of wall running and combat sliding.

Shadow Warrior 3 releases March 1 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Pre-orders are now open and include the exclusive Koromodako Katana - a weapon with eight legs.

Console owners will also receive Flying Wild Hog’s 2013 Shadow Warrior and Shadow Warrior 2 for free.

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