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Sega x Aiming trailers show off two new titles

Sega has released trailers for two new mobile, multiplayer action RPGs developed as part of its deal with Aiming - Record of Phantom Tower Griffon and Towa no Tsurugi.

Sega and Aiming announced their partnership in February, with the ambition to release Android and iPhone games worldwide. We're yet to hear anything locally about the fruit of this relationship, but Siliconera has word that Record of Phantom Tower Griffon is due in June. The side-scroller supports up to four players in co-op, or guild PvP in teams of four.

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Again, Siliconera has details of the second title - Towa no Tsurugi. This one has guns in it, so Sega is calling it a "shooter RPG", but it looks a lot like a Diabloesque with a focus on ranged weapons. It was delayed from a March release and is expected later this year.

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