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Sega is "working with ratings board" on Mad World

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Sega has said during a presentation at Games Convention earlier today that the company is "working with ratings boards" making sure Wii slasher, Mad World, makes it through adjudication process.

"Yes, it's violent," admitted Sega marketing man David Corless.

"We don't try to hide that, but as publishers, we see it as a fantasy game - it's fantasy violence. It's over the top. It's cartoony."

"We also take the violence very seriously," he went on. "We are working with the age rating boards, with PEGI and with BBFC. We're not at the end of the game's development, but we're working with them now to make sure that we don't go over the top.

"The game has been banned in Germany; there's no getting around that unfortunately. But we are taking it seriously and we're going to make sure that this game is rated for the appropriate audience," he said.

Thanks, CVG.

By Mike Bowden

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