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SCE Santa Monica job ad drops hints for unannounced project

SCE Santa Monica is recruiting for a project we know nothing about but already want to play.

An advertisement posted on Gamasutra in late April called for a senior combat designer to join the God of War developer on its "next project".

The ad mentions that experience with first or third person shooters, as well as vehicle combat, will be considered a plus. The ad also mentions bosses, magic, and "environmental character impact".

According to CVG another ad - which we've been unable to retrieve - mentioned a desire for designers with open-world experience.

As well as God of War, SCE Santa Monica incubates independent teams such as Honeyslug, thatgamecompany, Giant Sparrow and Queasy games, as well as supplying expertise to other members of the Sony Worldwide Studios team. Although it released God of War: Ascension earlier this year, observers have long suspected it has something else on the backburner, which we may see at E3 2013 in June.

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