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Saying Fallout 4's on the way is like saying there's a FIFA next year, says Hines

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Speaking to VG247 at Games Convention, Bethesda's Peter Hines has indicated that you may not just be seeing one more Fallout from the publisher: you should be thinking along the lines of EA and FIFA.

"That's why we bought it," he said when we asked him to expand on recent comments that Bethesda was going to continue with the series past Fallout 3.

"We didn't buy it just to do one and then to never anything again. So it's sort of like confirming there might be another FIFA next year. It's their franchise and they're going to do another one. We bought it for the purposes of doing another one. If we were just going to do one, there's any number of things we probably could have done differently."

Fallout 3's out in October in the US and Europe, and December in Japan. After that there's going to be the 360-only DLC announced at E3, then we're going to be waiting for the next full game, from the sound of it. Just don't call it, "Fallout 09," OK?

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