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Bethesda confirms Fallout 4, explains 360 as lead machine for Fallout 3

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Betheda's Peter Hines, talking on London today, has made first mention of a follow-up to anticipated RPG, Fallout 3.

"We didn't buy the Fallout franchise to just do Fallout 3 and then stop," he said. "But let's get this one out of the door before we worry about the next one."

Hines also explained why 360 is the lead machine for the third game in the series.

"If you have the PC as your lead machine you have the problem of not knowing what configurations people have, how many gigs of RAM or what graphics card they have," he said.

"Obviously we are more familiar with the Xbox because we are familiar and the other thing is that the Xbox is much easier to take to tech shows.

"We can just pop the hard-drive off the Xbox and put it on any machine which is an advantage. Taking the PC or PS3 to these things just isn't convenient."

Thanks, TechRadar.

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