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Rumour - First details of Fallout: New Vegas leaked [Update]


Update: Bethesda's just told VG247 it isn't commenting on "rumours."

Original Story: Take with the biggest pinch of salt you can get, but the first supposed details of Fallout: New Vegas have emerged.

The game will apparently be revealed in the next issue of Game Informer. Bear in mind this comes from a "trusted source" via Gamespot's forums. Then hit the link.

According to this post, you can pick from different background stories, a la Dragon Age: Origins, such as the Chinese Agent or the Lone Wanderer. The game will contain vehicles, and gambling will be also be involved. It is Vegas, innit.

The RPG's play area is supposedly much larger than the Capital Wasteland, hence the need for transportation. You will acquire a vehicle several hours into the main quest, if all this is to be believed, and will be able to customise vehicles with parts acquired from quests.

New Vegas will see you encountering road gangs, merchant caravans, and other vehicles in the wastes.

There's even a coliseum run by a slaver gang called the Caesar's Legion. You can gamble on and participate in arena fights.

There's a ton more info on the Gamespot forums (via GameForge). Remember this could all be a giant lie.

We'll follow up with Bethesda now.

The game was announced last April for a PC, PS3, 360 release, with development handled by Obsidian.

It should be out this year.

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