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Rumor: Microsoft finally revamping Xbox controller's d-pad


If this event was a library book, it'd be so long overdue that even Bill Gates would go white with sheer horror when he got a look at the late fee.

According to sources that spoke with Joystiq (fitting, we know), Microsoft's finally decided to put some joy into its horrendously inaccurate piece of plastic. The d-pad, which is currently the sole blemish on an otherwise solid controller, will apparently raise up a quarter of an inch whenever you rotate it 90 degrees.

The new controller is being aimed at fighting game fans, primarily - in addition to being targeted at people who have hair, seeing as they'll no longer need to pull it out while screaming in frustration all the time.

It's set to launch sometime this holiday season, according to the unnamed, likely trenchcoat-wearing sources. We'll get in touch with Microsoft and see if we can find out more.

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