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Rumor: Epic Mickey spin-off was in the works for 3DS


We say "was" because, well, you know...

According to a source that spoke with ShogunGamer, a 3DS version of Disney's Epic Mickey was in the works before the company pressed its big red self-destruct button, whipped out its jetpack, and laughed maniacally as it rocketed into the digital space.

The game wasn't a straight port, either. From the sound of things, its main innovation was actually pretty damn cool. Apparently, the game would've required players to solve puzzles by changing the amount of 3D on screen. That's right: the 3D slider was set to do more than just stave off headaches; it would've been an essential gameplay mechanic.

That idea, however, actually didn't spring from Warren Spector's revered cranium, as he and Junction Point weren't developing the game. Spector apparently oversaw its creation, though.

Now it's time for the part of the ride where we lure you in with a heaping helping of hope and then wallop you over the head with harsh reality while you're distracted. See, the source didn't say whether or not Epic Mickey 3DS got canceled. For all we know, it could still be alive and kicking. Unfortunately, the source also mentioned that the game was in the early stages of development - still firmly on the vine and ripe for cancellation, in other words. Plus, a big, ambitious 3DS game doesn't really mesh with Disney's new all-digital mantra. So yeah, getting your hopes up probably isn't the best idea.

At any rate, we'll contact Disney and see if it's got any beans to spill.

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