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Rumor: EA cut backs have affected at least six publishing arms


Rumor has it that the 1500 jobs and the dozen or so in-development games that were cut at EA affected studios Pandemic, Maxis and almost the entire Command & Conquer team.

According to a source close to Kotaku, the team working on Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight was notified today that once the game ships some time in 2010, almost the entire team is to hit the road.

While this is not a surprising move by the studio, as loads like it have a tendency to do that once a game ships, the cutbacks also landed blows to EA Maxis, Rupture Studios and Pandemic with remaining workers being relocated to EA Los Angeles and Redwood.

Rumors also state that EA has laid-off staff at Black Box, Mythic Entertainment and Tiburon.

We'll sent out a mail and see if anyone gets back with us.

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