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Rumor: Crysis 2 DirectX 11 patch still 2-3 months away

PC gamers have been extremely vocal about loving Crysis 2 with all their hearts and not wanting anything to change ever, but even so, whispers of a DirectX 11 patch began floating around 0.47 seconds after the game launched.

Some - while optimistic - have proven less than reliable. So, does this majestic mythical e-creature even exist? Apparently, the answer's still "yes," but you probably shouldn't expect it to stroll into your office tomorrow.

Eurogamer's spoken with an anonymous source who claimed that the DirectX 11 patch only cranked its nanosuit to MAXIMUM DEVELOPMENT in November 2010. As a result, the source explained, it still won't be ready for another two or three months.

DirectX 10, however, is apparently not coming along for the ride, as DX11 leaves it in the dust anyway.

But hey, it's like they say: waiting builds character. Then again, we'd be willing to wager that "they" weren't PC gamers.

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