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Crytek stomps on rumors of a DX11 patch for Crysis 2

Crytek has shot down rumors that Crysis 2 would soon be getting DirectX 11 support included in a patch.

Yesterday, German website PC Games (via Maximum PC) noted the addition of DX11 support was to be included in a patch, but MyCrysis forum moderator Cry-Tom quickly squelched such talk:

"No patch was ever confirmed, I have no idea why this website even posted such information," reads the post. "This thread is locked just the same as the others for trying to spread inaccurate information.

"When there are any big announcements regarding Crysis 2 they will be posted on MyCrysis, if you read something about a patch for example, but don’t see it on, then it isn’t genuine."

The moderator never said DX11 would never be patched in, just not for the time being apparently.

Back in January, an Nvidia listing claimed Crysis 2 would include DirectX 11 when it released in March, via mention for NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 560 Ti.

Guess not.

Thanks, GameFront.

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