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Rosenberg - Spore DRM features were "seriously misguided"

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Are you getting this yet, EA? CNET's Dave Rosenberg has called Spore's DRM measures "seriously misguided" and "plain-old offensive."

"The video game industry remains one of the last hold-outs in the war against consumption. Instead of encouraging more use, EA royally botched the launch of Spore with a seriously misguided DRM choice," said the journalist.

He added: "The Spore 'self-destruct' mechanims is just plain-old offensive. I can't think of a scenario in the last few years where I wasn't reinstalling, changing hardware or otherwise altering my computer system. To render an application unusable is ludicrous--and pointless."

Spore is currently being pirated by disgruntled punters en bloc, following the implementation of SecROM protection features and the allocation of a wholly generous one account per copy.

Hello, EA? Hello?

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