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Rockstar reveals LA Noire-inspiring interactive crime map

Rockstar has partnered with the LA Times to promote an interactive map tracing the 1947 crimes which inspired some of LA Noire's events.

Available on the LA Times website, the map allows you to pull up archival material, some of which was used by Team Bondi when researching for LA Noire.

Rockstar gave a couple of examples over on its blog. If you've been keeping up with the cases revealed so far for the game, you may notice a few echoes:

  • 72-year-old oil man, E.J. Miley, who picked up three hitchhiking youths as he left on a drive from LA up to Fresno. The trio were petty thugs who thought they had an easy mark on their hands.
  • A pair of weightlifting rivals in Pacific Palisades who agreed to head to the gym to “settle the question of superiority”, but it winds up being far from a fair lift-off.
  • A horrible account of a young, disturbed returning veteran who, with no warning or apparent cause, murdered his bride and himself at his in-laws house one evening.
  • Acrobat burglars who broke into a market by ripping off a skylight, chopped a hole in the ceiling, and slid down a pole to make off with $2500 in cash along with several hundred pounds of meat – but not before stopping to apparently chug several quarts of milk.

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