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Rockstar releases launch trailer for new GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist update

It's the crime of the century, and only you can pull it off.

The Diamond Casino Heist is now available in GTA Online, and Rockstar has dropped a launch trailer to go with the release.

You can watch the video below:

Not only does it show off some of the returning friends, new locations, and new equipment coming with the update - but it also includes some of the fresh music you can tune into on iFruit Radio, which was also added today.

You can start the Casino Heist for yourself by speaking to Lester in Mirror Park and buying an arcade property - we have a full page on everything you need to do, here.

Twitch Prime subscribers get an arcade for free, while everyone else will have to pay upwards of $1,000,000 in-game.

As well as hiding your clandestine activities, your arcade functions as a legitimate business. You can buy playable retro arcade cabinets and add them to your property for punters to play while you plan behind the scenes.

There's also a big quality of life feature you can purchase. The Master Control Terminal allows you to launch missions for all of your businesses from location, so no more schlepping around.

The caper sees you team up with Lester from the GTA 5 single-player campaign, and is orchestrated by the Cheng crime family. They want revenge on the current owners of the Diamond Casino and Resort for pushing them out, and there's no better way to hit them than in the wallet.

As well as the story missions, tons of new vehicles have also been added into GTA Online - including a big red firetruck. As many as 5 of them are specific heist vehicles, and we've listed them all here.

For more help with GTA Online, check out our list of guide pages for moneymaking tips, cheats, and mods.

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