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Riven for iPad just a few weeks from submission

Riven, the sequel for Myst, is likely to arrive on iDevice within a month.

Cyan Worlds CEO Rand Miller told Modojo that the developer is just one or two weeks from submitting a final build to Apple for App Store approval. Accounting for certification time, you ought to have it in your hands shortly thereafter, assuming all goes well.

The iPad version has been optimised for iPad with less-compressed images, improved movies and animations, a cleaner user interface, better sound and music and even some new features. The app will work on any model of iPad.

Riven is the sequel to Myst, and is likewise an atmospheric puzzle point-and-click. It originally released in 1997 on five CDs and induced several rage strokes among those who couldn't solve its nefarious puzzles.

Cyan Worlds is also responsible for realMyst, an interesting iPad re-release of the classic which is fully explorable.

Thanks, Polygon.

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