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Report: Square's Sleeping Dogs coming out in August

According to a tweet from US retailer Future Shop, Square Enix's shown Sleeping Dogs for the first time, confirming it for an August release.

The game's unveil came at Destination PlayStation overnight. The retailer tweeted a bit of art from the game, showing an officer with dragon tattoos and a police badge.

As Siliconera notes, this looks like the reboot of True Crime: Hong Kong, the rights of which were bought by Square last year after Activision canned development after fears it wouldn't hit the top of its genre.

It had previously been rumoured that Sleeping Dogs was Kane and Lynch 3. Original developer United Front Games is still working on the game.

Square Enix has only bought the rights to the game itself and not the IP, so there won't be a True Crime name on the box. A 2012 launch was confirmed last August.

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