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Report - Crysis 2 tops 2011 piracy chart at 4m downloads

Here's an award Crytek and EA are probably less than happy about.

In its annual report, TorrentFreak noted users downloaded a pirated version of Crysis 2 over 4 million times during 2011.

An out of date, incomplete build of Crysis 2 hit torrent sites a good month before its release in March 2011, but the site reports pirating of Crytek's sequel significantly increased once the retail version became available.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 took second place with 3,650,000 downloads, with Battlefield 3 in third at 3,510,000.

Other interesting snippets from the report include Gears of War 3 as the top pirated Xbox 360 title - another leak victim - with 890,000 downloads, and the huge discrepancy between platforms; the PlayStation 3 didn't make it onto any of the top ten lists, despite its root key leak early in the year.

Thanks, gamesradar.

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