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Red Dead Online hackers are spawning in two-headed skeletons to kick the s**t out of other players

Hackers are bad. That’s a fact. They spoil the online experience for other players by cheating the game. Still, I think I’d be less mad at a hacker who scared the s**t out of me by sending a two-headed skeleton to kick my ass.

That’s what’s been happening in Red Dead Online over on PC. People are just going about their day and suddenly - boom, skeleton headbutt. These things have two heads, but it’s unverified whether the headbutt does double damage or not. I’m pretty sure you can’t skin them if you win the fight though.

Here’s a look at an unprovoked skeleton attack in progress:

I got attacked by something I never expected from r/RedDeadOnline

There’s also a post claiming the same happened on PS4, though it’s unverified:

So, some people wanted a video to prove this was not photoshopped.. ok here is the video, took it on my phone so people could see it’s a monitor shot ... from r/RDR2

There are even Steam forum threads on the topic.

“I've been pretty sick the last few days and haven't slept much, but I'm positive I just got attacked by a two headed skeleton in Grizzlies West, just west of Cattail Pond,” says one poster. “Daytime. I was using my metal detector and it just punched me from behind and ran off when I switched to guns and started shooting. Also a grizzly bear appeared out of nowhere and killed me as I was shooting. Weird. Ever happen to anyone before?”

Watch on YouTube

According to some of the replies, the hackers are taking to the skies and using godmode hacks from the vantage point of a hot air balloon. If you find yourself under attack from a bony assailant, look up and see if you can spot a griefer among the clouds.

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