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Red Dead Online is having some problems right now

Red Dead Online's recent big update has evidently introduced new problems and brought back some classics.

Since the release of the Naturalist update (1.21) for Red Dead Online, players have been running into increasingly common problems.

As reported by Polygon, some of those bugs Red Dead Online players are very familiar with, which seemingly come and go and never truly get fixed. The list includes missing animals, which makes it harder to fulfil the requirements of certain roles, not to mention hunt. Then there's the lack of NPCs, which itself creates other problems, as some are necessary for quests and role progression.

Players are also running into various glitches like floating carriages, invisible horses and other weird mishaps.

Then there's this weird bald NPC who keeps showing up, seemingly for no reason. The unnamed character is in several of the screenshots players have been posting to Reddit and Twitter. Sometime's he's a ghost, other times he's just a random NPC you can interact with.

For its part, Rockstar created a support article specifically about the reported bugs of the patch, confirming that it is aware of the problems and currently testing fixes.

Red Dead Online got a small patch this week, but the bug reports continue to pile up, so they haven't all been fixed.

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