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ReCore Definitive Edition resurfaces once again, and it looks like it'll be out soon

Remember when it was rumoured that ReCore developer Comcept is working on adding missing content from the game in the form of a Definitive Edition?

Well, it's seems this wasn't just wishful thinking after all. Last week, IndianNoob reported new details about the mysterious Definitive Edition.

According to the site, this version is due for release on August 29. It's going to include HDR support, higher-resolution graphics, and a new mission called Eye of Obsidian.

The biggest feature of the Definitive Edition, however, is that it comes with corebot T8NK, which was referenced heavily in the main game but players didn't actually find it. It turned out, of course, that it had not made the cut.

The site even managed to get some screenshots of the new frame.

The timing of this is curious, because the game's official Twitter recently posted a tweet teasing an announcement on August 20. The tweet even has a promo image of the same T8NK corebot, so it's more than likely this is what the announcement will be about.

ReCore wasn't well received when it came out last September, but many of its shortcomings were attributed to its incomplete nature. Hopefully this version will shore up that missing content and offer a more complete package.

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