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Rare Replay could get even more games

Rare Replay's 30-games-strong collection is not pleasing everyone, especially those who expected their favourite games to be included.


Rare took their time deciding which games to include in the Rare Replay collection, even if it went against personal choices of some team members.

Those 30 games are not the end of it though, as more could be added in the future, according to Rare's James Thomas. "There is a wealth of titles that we could dip into; a huge heritage beyond the 30 that we chose," said Thomas during yesterday's first look livestream.

"But that's what made choosing the 30 so hard in the first place. We had to put aside [our own personal] preferences. We hope we've done [that], but you never know, there could be space for more."

Rare Replay is out August 4.

Thanks, Gamespot.

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