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Pitchford to demo Borderlands 2 and field Q&A at Rezzed

The Gearbox Software CEO will be presenting a live stage demo of shooter-sequel Borderlands 2 and taking questions from the audience at the PC-centric show in July.

Rezzed will feature not only the UK's first playable code of Gearbox's co-op shooter but also play host to an appearance by Randy Pitchford, who will be on hand to present a live demo session and sport an audience Q&A.

The gregarious Gearbox CEO will be on-stage from 2pm on Friday July 6.

Rezzed takes place on July 6 and July 7 in Brighton, UK. Tickets are £12 per day or £20 for both days and are available from the Rezzed website, along with all the details on the show and its confirmed line-up.

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