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Randall is a new downloadable platformer for the Xbox 360 and PC

We The Force Studios have announced first game Randall, a downloadable action platformer for the Xbox 360 and PC.

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The game stars Randall, who lives in a dystopic future in which society's inhabitants and rendered docile by crystal-like minerals infesting their minds.

Luckily, Randall doesn't seem to be infected and in a Psychonauts style twist, can read and even jump inside people's minds.

Speaking to Polygon, Cesar Ramirez Molina, the CEO and Founder of the Mexican studio, said the game will be broken up into two kinds of levels, the aforementioned puzzle platforming mindscapes and more exploratory levels set in the real world.

The game is only going to set to be about five hours long and might also release on the Xbox One. There's no timeframe for the game's release yet.

Thanks, Polygon.

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