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The new reverse friendly fire feature in Rainbow Six Siege prevents your teammates from being jerks

Ubisoft rolled out a new reverse friendly fire mechanic in Rainbow Six Siege today designed to prevent your teammates from being total jerks.

The feature, which Ubisoft breaks down in the video below, punishes teammates who shoot their allies. One accidental shot results in a warning, but if you kill a teammate, reverse friendly fire activates. Any damage you inflict while reverse friendly fire is in play is reflected back to you.

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If you accidentally kill your teammate, though, they can forgive you; the game will ask them if the kill was intentional, and your ally can vote 'yes' or 'no.' Reverse friendly fire will not activate if your teammate forgives you. If the mechanic activates, it stays in effect for the rest of the match.

In other Rainbow Six Siege news, gadgets coming in Season Three have leaked online, including a grappling hook and a "special deployable shield."

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