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QuickDraw and GlowTag: PS Move games at Rezzed 2013 - video

Rezzed 2013 is in full effect today, and below the break you can take a look at two PS Move multiplayer titles from Greenfly Studios, QuickDraw and GlowTag in action.

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Quick Draw, is a homage to the wild west movies, where you are literally trying to to be the fasted draw with your Move controller. You don't even have to look at the screen, you just listen to the spaghetti western-style music playing, and when you hear the gunshots, you point at your opponent and "shoot".

In the video, you'll notice fellas standing in a circle, the slowest draw gets knocked out until there are only two left, ready to duel at high-noon in the middle of main street. We can just imagine, women and children hiding in clapboard stores, looking out windows to see which cowpoke is the last standing.

There are three modes to the game: Gentleman's Walk, Mexican Standoff, and the team-based Outlaws vs. Sheriffs. Anywhere from two to seven players can participate in the game.

The other title, GlowTag is a tag game where folks stick the controller in their back pocket with the trigger facing out. The one deemed as "it" has a glowing wand, and will need to avoid having their trigger squeezed for as long they can - think of it as flag/touch football without the possibility of the boys tackling the girls anyway just because they can. Well, that's how we used to play it anyway.

After the person has been "caught" in GlowTag, a random person will be chosen by the game to be the next "it".

Listen to the studio's technical director Stephen Morris explain these party games in full above.

QuickDraw will be released through PSN on both PS3 and PS4, and it will be coming to PC and Mac as well.

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