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Quake Champions raw gameplay footage shows just how slow today's shooters have become

Quake Champions isn't holding back in this trailer.

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Bethesda has been showing many of the characters in Quake Champions recently, but this is the first time we get treated to raw gameplay footage that's not edited for a trailer.

The video above, although short, shows gameplay with the HUD on, and goes through the regular progression typical of arena shooters. The speed everything moves at is startling, a good reminder of how incredibly fast shooters used to be in the old days when arena shooters reigned supreme on PC.

The footage shows Anarki, one of the game's champions, who can instantly heal himself.

Bethesda and id have promised Quake Champions would take advantage of PC-specific features, not to mention building a game around quick mouse movement is not something you see every day.

Quake Champions has a limited beta this weekend, it's invite only but you can register through the official site for a chance. If not this one, you may get picked for a future test.

Quake Champions is out this year.

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