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You can now try out PUBG's first air vehicle for a limited time

PUBG is experimenting with a new kind of vehicle, one that can fly.

As part of PUBG's experimental section, PUBG Labs, the developer is testing out the game's first air vehicle. The motor glider, available now and until December 22 at 11pm PT, 2am ET (23), 7am UK (23), offers a primitive, but fast way of getting around the world.

The two-seat vehicle can only fly after reaching a speed of 70km/h, and the passenger is able to shoot and use throwables while on board. The engine is a massive rotor on the back, and can be destroyed by gunfire, leaving the pilot to hopefully glide their way to safety.

The motor glider is a world spawn on Erangel and Miramar, which are the two available maps in PUBG Labs. This limited-time test allows for a maximum of 80 players per server, for both first and third-person.

PUBG Corp. is looking for feedback, of course, and there's no telling if the feature will make it out to the live game. Until then, head to the PUBG Labs tab in-game to queue up for a match.

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