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PUBG gets first ever discount on Steam, take 33% off until July 5

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is on sale for the first time ever on Steam to celebrate a large milestone.

The first ever discount for PUBG through Steam is live and it will be available for 33% off until July 5.

Instead of running you $29.99, it will set you back $19.99.

The discount is to celebrate some rather huge figures for the game. According to PUBG Corp., Xbox and PC sales combined stand at over 50 million units sold worldwide.

With PUBG Mobile included, there are now over 400 million registered players worldwide, and over 87 million people playing the game daily across all available devices.

"We’re genuinely humbled by PUBG’s ongoing success and growth, and we’re incredibly optimistic about the game’s future," states the announcement. "We’re going to keep working on new content and improvements for all versions of the game. We know there’s still so much we can do to make PUBG a better game for our players."

Today's patch for the game brought the Sanhok map over to the regular test server, and it is expected to hit the live servers on June 22.

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