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PS4 to come in three flavours, priced up to $599 - rumour

Ahead of Sony's press conference late today, whispers suggest the PlayStation 4 will launch with three different models, and the most expensive of these will be $599.

The rumour comes via GamesIndustry, which cited an anonymous source and said it expects confirmation at the Sony presser.

The source did not give details on what the difference between the three models will be, but said Sony is going to push 4K resolution as a stepping stone on the way to glasses free 3D>

As for the other models, the lowest may be as cheap as $399.

Microsoft priced the Xbox One at $499 during its E3 press conference today. We're interested in what you think of that.

The PlayStation 3's $599 launch price is considered a misstep historically, and Sony has gone on record multiple times saying its has learned from that mistake. Keep your eyes locked here during Sony's presser at 6:00 PM PST.

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