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PS Plus March monthly games announced: Battlefield 2024, Minecraft Dungeons and Code Vein

PlayStation Plus Essential players can download them starting March 7.

The spread of March PS Plus games has been revealed! Those with a Plus Plus Essential subscription will be able to download Battlefield 2024, Code Vein, and Minecraft Dungeons for free starting March 7.

This was announced during the PlayStation Stay of Play in a fast-paced gameplay montage. The show also featured several new reveals, including a vast selection of new games coming to the PS Plus catalogue. If you’re keen on downloading the new PS Plus monthly games, you have until April 3 to do so.

You can watch the trailer for Battlefield 2042 season 3 here!

First up comes Battlefield 2042, a game with a troubled launch and numerous issues that have since been addressed with patches and major content overhauls in the months since. It now has classes, and the maps flow a little better than before, but it’s still got a way to go. Nonetheless, if you’ve avoided the game and are curious as to how it feels these days, a free download won’t hurt you too badly, will it?

Then there’s Minecraft dungeons, which brings the blocky crafting-heavy game to a whole new dimension with a top-down action-adventure twist. It has up to four-player co-op, a bunch of different gear pieces you can use to alter our playstyle and a good amount of character customisation too. We found it decent enough back at launch, but with new content having been released since then, maybe it’s worth another go.

Finally there is Code Vein, an anime vampire souls like with fast movement and a unique world filled with dark wonder and mystery abound. It’s got probably one of the most elaborate character customisation systems in the genre, and a blood-sucking narrative to go alongside it. We thought it was okay in our review, but it’s well worth trying if you’ve got the time.

All in all, it’s a pretty standard selection of PS Plus games this March. Let us know what you think of these three below, and if you’re planning on downloading any of them.

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