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PS Jailbreak developer wants people to buy "original solution"


Oh the irony. PS3Jailbreak's creator have admitted its USB software solution for hacking PS3 has already been cloned, and is urging people to buy the original for "warranty and support."

The new USB device allows you to copy Blu-Ray discs to your hard drive and play home-brew games straight from your PS3.

PS3jailbreak has used its website to say, "Beware of imitators and Chinese knock-offs, PS Jailbreak is the original solution," after reports the device has already been cloned.

It's also asking people to only buy from "authorised dealers."

Sony has yet to respond to the release of this latest attempt to hack the PS3, but we would always urge you to buy the original game and help support the industry against piracy.

Thanks, MaxConsole.

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