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Prototype's slip to 2009 made its vision a reality, says Radical


Prototype exec producer Tim Bennison's told VG247 that the game's slip to 2009 means gamers will get the project's original vision.

"Prototype came with a really big original vision and scope," he said. "That meant we really needed a decent amount of time to pack this game with content, missions, powers, enemies, and polish that it deserved, so the move to 2009 has helped make that a reality."

Bennison said that Prototype faces stiff competition this summer, but that his now polished title will stand out against the crowd.

"There are many great games coming out in 2009, in both the action categories and the open world categories, though we’ve also got competition from Hollywood this summer as well," he added.

"As long as we do our job correctly by showing the game to the public as much as possible, and highlighting all of the cool unique powers, upgrades, and challenges, then we’ll feel great about standing-out amongst the competition this summer."

Good job it didn't come out last year, innit? It releases for PS3 and 360 on June 12.

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