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Prototype 2 gets confirmed April 2012 launch in US

Activision's just announced Prototype 2 for an April 24 launch in the US at least.

It's not mentioned if it's a worldwide date or if it's just for the US. We'll get onto Activision UK about it now.

To celebrate the announcement, a new trailer of the Radical open-world actioner has also been released ahead of the first public presentations of the game at ComicCon beginning tomorrow.

You can find the video below, via GameTrailers.

"We know our fans have been clamoring to find out when they would be able to get their hands-on PROTOTYPE 2, and the whole studio is excited that we can finally reveal the timing," said studio head Ken Rosman on the announcement.

Prototype 2 sees new main character Sgt. James Heller takes on Proto 1 lead Alex Mercer in good ole' New York. Read Steph's impressions from GDC here.

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