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Prototype 2 PS4 trophies suggest remaster on the way

Prototype 2 does not immediately spring to mind on a lit of potential remasters, but okay.


A list of Prototype 2 PS4 trophies has popped up online, suggesting the 2012 action sequel is getting the remaster treatment.

The trophy list was dug up by Exophase, which is generally reliable on these matters.

Developed by Radical Entertainment, Prototype 2 is the sequel to 2009's Prototype (who would have guessed). It had an interesting new twist in that the protagonist of the first game was the antagonist of the second.

At the time, Activision's Prototype was considered a rival of sort to Sony's InFamous, although the latter has proved to have more longevity. If this remaster is a hint that the series may be on its way back we may see some competition for Sucker Punch.

We've emailed Activision and will update if we hear anything interesting.

Thanks, PSU.

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