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Prototype: Biohazard Bundle brings both games to PS4, Xbox One

Prototype has been unleashed on a whole new generation.


Activision has put together Xbox One versions of Prototype and Prototype 2, and launched them as a digital bundle. The 18GB Prototype: Biohazard Bundle includes a stack of DLC and will set you back $50.

Gematsu spotted the pack on the Xbox Store, but we expect to see it on PS4 imminently, since the Trophies went up last month.

Update: Activision has confirmed the PS4 version will launch on July 22, and sent along a trailer. The individual games will be available to buy separately in mid-August.

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That's one property we're unlikely to see on the Xbox One backwards compatibility wishlist, I guess. I wonder if this means a Prototype 3 is on the cards? Radical Entertainment has been suspiciously quiet for the last, oh, three years.

In case you've forgotten, Prototype is a superhero-style action adventure series that was positioned as a kind of rival to InFamous. It went down pretty well, but then mysteriously slipped under the radar. One of the coolest things about it was that the protagonist of the first one was the antagonist of the second.

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