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Project GODUS dev diary picks and chooses from past Bullfrog games

22 Cans designers Peter Molyneux and Jack Attridge discuss which design elements to "steal" from Bullfrog's past games for Project GODUS.

Molyneux warmly rubbishes his efforts on Populous, Dungeon Keeper and Black & White, and it's interesting to note which judgements the younger Attridge agrees and disagrees on. The pair pick out a number of gameplay mechanics and flourishes to bring to GODUS; discuss design decisions they definitely don't want to import; and even posit new features inspired by limitations of past technology.

GODUS is currently being Kickstarted; it's asking for £450,000 and with 24 days to go is 33% of the way to that target. The next video is expected to show some early GODUS prototypes and address feedback.

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