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Molyneux: Kickstarter slowed by assumptions of personal wealth

Project Godus is a long way from its Kickstarter target with only a few days on the clock, which 22 Cans founder Peter Molyneux believes may be partially caused by the belief that he is rich enough to fund the game himself.

"I am not by any measure a hugely wealthy individual," Molyneux told Kotaku, elaborating on comments of a similar nature made to VG247 last month.

"I think the confusion is that for every game I've done, I have received vast, huge riches of royalties from. In fact, most of the royalties from my games have gone into continuing to fund the company," he explained.

Molyneux said he's always tried to spread ownership of a company's stock around its employees; he owned "way, way less than 50%" of his last start-up, Lionhead, for example.

"I certainly don't have enough money to fund 22 Cans for all time. I've used a lot of my money to fund the company in March of this year, and to recruit probably the best team that I've ever worked with and to release Curiosity but like all resources they're finite," he added

"I think the assumption that I'm richer than Mark Zuckerberg and that we both own Europe has hurt our Kickstarter campaign. A lot of people think that people like myself shouldn't enter into Kickstarter, that it's only for struggling developers."

Project Godus has just three days remaining to raise almost £100,000 of its £450,000 target. The finished game is expected on Android, iOS, Mac and PC in late 2013. Visit the Kickstarter page for more information.

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