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Molyneux on Godus development: "I take the blame. There is a catalogue of things I did badly"

Peter Molyneux sat down to answer backer questions regarding the state of Project Godus and has made some surprisingly frank comments.


Just minutes after the Godus story in which designer Konrad Naszynski revealed many of the inner workings at 22 Cans went live, Peter Molyneux and Konrad Naszynski sat down to talk about what went wrong and what's the plan going forward.

In the latest Godus community update many backer questions are answered very candidly by both Molyneux and Naszynski.

One backer felt Molyneux was "dodging" his responsibilities rather than confronting "what he did wrong" during the development of Godus, and felt Molyneux was "blaming the community instead."

"Firstly, I don't think the community can ever be blamed," said Molyneux. "Because you know we need to appreciate all the range of comments form the positive to the negative. I do however take the blame and put blame on my shoulders.

"Hindsight is always a perfect way of looking at life and you can look back on the past and say 'why did I do this?'

"But there is a catalogue of things that I did badly and incorrectly because I had never done a Kickstarter campaign before, I had never released on Steam Early Access before, I had never done a mobile game before, and [on] all of these things I made some horrendous mistakes."

Molyneux gives an example of one of those mistakes in how the PC version should have been taken much further before doing the mobile version, something Naszynski echoed in his forum posts.

The full video update is below and it answers questions regarding the game's combat, narrative, and more. There is also a discussion about how the money Godus makes gets chopped into bits before finally reaching the hands of 22 Cans.

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