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Project Copernicus is "a lot of junk", says RI governor

Project Copernicus, 38 Studios' unfinished MMORPG set in the Kingdoms of Amalur universe, is pretty rubbish, one politician has opined.

Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee called Copernicus "a lot of junk", according to the Miami Herald.

We have no way of knowing how accurate Chafee's assessment of the unfinished project is, but it failed to attract an acceptable bid during a recent auction, which Chafee said did not surprise him. Although the project has been described as nearly finished and with a lot of potential, it's also been acknowledged that in its current state, it's not fun.

The state of Rhode Island issues a $75 million loan to Curt Schilling's 38 Studios so the developer would move in; Chafee, in the running for governor, opposed the loan. He has now said the loan was inspired by panic over the state's possible economic collapse, and decried the decision to give "a retired baseball player a huge amount of taxpayer money" despite his lack of business experience.

Rather than cast blame at those who made the decision, though, the politician is focused on recouping the money.

When 38 Studios began to go bankrupt, Chafee allegedly refused to offer leniency or aid, to the disappointment of concerned parties, and has since been an outspoken detractor of the company. The state is now suing former 38 Studios leaders over mismanagement, among other allegations.

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