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Project Copernicus "only ten yards" from completion

Art director Todd McFarlane has said the Kingdoms of Amalur MMO, Project Copernicus, was very close to complete when 38 Studios folded.

"I'm hoping that once the dust settles maybe somebody will be smart enough to come in there and then just take it to the finish line," told Kotaku at the Toy Fair.

"It's only ten yards away from the goal line. Curt [Schilling, 38 Studios boss] got it 90 yards. If somebody wants to take it the other ten yards they're going to have a hell of a game on their hands."

The Spawn creator said that if he had "the extra cash" he'd do it himself because Copernicus is "that cool".

"We come up with Reckoning, which was the console game but the big one - yeah, that was the super sexy. That was the one that to me was gonna raise the bar," he said.

Other ex-38 Studios staffers have said the MMO wasn't a lot of fun before 38 Studios went under. Rhode Island and other creditors now own the developer's assets and are expected to auction them.

Kotaku made the interview available as a video, so you can watch it in full below; the Copernicus talk begins at 5:20 or so.

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